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Energy markets

Energy markets

Power systems and power markets in continental Europe are undergoing rapid growth.

Nordic market players and system operators are currently facing key investment decisions linked to opportunities for enhanced flexibility in the production system (power output expansion and pumping) and an increase in the number of transmission cables serving Europe.

The inherent flexibility of hydropower offers opportunities for the effective balancing of intermittent production. Exploitation of this flexibility will permit hydropower producers to optimise the allocation of available capacity to the various electricity markets, and this in turn will enable the value of flexible hydropower generation to be enhanced in multiple markets. In the future, the importance of the different types of capacity- and power-related products on the market may vary significantly in relation to the current situation in the Nordic countries. Currently, producers focus primarily on shorter-term perspectives represented by the spot (day-ahead) market. However, the flexibility of hydropower offers opportunities for active participation in the balancing markets as well.

SINTEF Energy Research offers a wide variety of planning models that are well suited to a variety of analyses and decision support applications. The models have been used extensively in the Nordic market for many years, and are based on physical descriptions of production systems, transmission grids and consumption. The models are under continuous development in order to adapt to future developments in the power market.

Our work is in the following fields:

  • Fundamental market models
  • Principles of market linkage
  • EL-Certificate markets
  • The operational planning of hydropower production involving participation in multiple markets

We typically carry out the following types of project:

  • Research-based development and maintenance of planning models
  • Quantitative analyses of the electricity power system

Why choose SINTEF?
SINTEF possesses exceptional specialist expertise in the modelling of hydropower systems and this is reflected in our portfolio of modelling approaches.

Who are our clients?

  • Hydropower producers
  • Power system operators, regulators and public sector agencies


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