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Wave Energy

Wave energy research is the set of disciplines that contribute to the exploitation of wave power to generate electricity or other useful work. SINTEF offers expertise on several of these disciplines.

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The current geopolitical and energy market reality requires Europe to drastically accelerate the clean energy transition and increase Europe's energy independence from unreliable suppliers and volatile fossil fuels (REPowerEU: Joint European action for more affordable, secure and sustainable energy, European Comission, March 2022). Furthermore, the European Green Deal sets a target of net zero emissions of greenhouse gasses by 2050.

Wave energy has the potential to make a considerable contribution to achieve this goal, with its estimated worldwide potential resource of 29,500 TWh/year: 3 times the total energy produced in the EU! Notwithstanding its potential, there are challenges that must be overcome for wave energy to gain a relevant presence in the energy market. In fact, the wave energy sector has yet to converge to a set of solutions that are both robust and well-performing in the demanding ocean environment to the level of being competitive with other renewable energy sources.

SINTEF works actively towards the full realization of the wave energy potential and the advancement of its related scientific fields. We offer consulting services to inventors and entrepreneurs at the initial stages of development. We take part on research initiatives and support applications towards regional, national, and European, funding. We also perform verification, validation, and qualification studies of concepts.

We work within these areas:

  • Wave energy resource assessment.
  • Numerical modelling and simulations.
  • Model tests, using our state-of-the-art laboratories (e.g. Towing tank and Ocean Basin).

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