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SINTEF Petroleum Conference 2019

SINTEF Petroleum Conference 2019

Sharing knowledge in the digital upstream industry

Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel
Kjøpmannsgata, 7010 Trondheim
19/03/2019 08:00 Add to calendar
20/03/2019 15:00

It's 2019 and the latest wave of digitalization is in full force in the oil and gas industry. What lessons can we learn from the companies that are in the midst of this? Last year's conference gathered 170 attendants from 58 companies in oil and gas industry. This year we once again gather the petroleum industry to share the experience gained from an ongoing industry transformation.

Open data is opening doors for new companies and new business models. At SPC2019 we will hear from companies benefitting from the modern way of working with data offshore, who have found new ways to collaborate and new services to provide. From the
stage we will be introduced to the machine learning applications and autonomous operations being implemented both offshore and in the office. Our invited experts cover the potentials and perils of running autonomous operations and relying on automated data analytics in your operations.

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