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SIG Seaweed 6 Conference

SIG Seaweed 6 Conference

Welcome to SIG Seaweed Conference focusing on how to valuate seaweed biomass and exploring the best product combinations.

Seaweed cultivation represents a climate friendly biomass production and enables access to large amounts of feedstock with many important applications.

Biorefinery is needed to valuate seaweed biomass and explore the best product combinations. This is one of the main topics of the knowledge platform Norwegian Seaweed Biorefinery Platform and the SFI Foods of Norway.

This year's SIG Seaweed conference will be arranged in collaboration with these two projects and will be a good opportunity for having the latest news from seaweed biorefinery research and technology development, build network and get involved and inspired. Save the date - we look forward to see you in Trondheim these two days  - 25-26th of November 2020.

Radisson Blue Royal Garden Hotel, Trondheim
Kjøpmannsgata 73, 7010 Trondheim
25/11/2020 09:00 Add to calendar
26/11/2020 16:00
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