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Digital Inclusion

Digital Inclusion

Senior Research Scientist

We specialize in tools, methodologies and technologies that promote inclusion of and collaboration among the stakeholders in ICT implementation and digitalization processes.

"Facebook Jacket"
Internet-connected jacket used in rescue operations. Developed in the European project Societies.


We have wide experience from the domains of assistive technologies, independent living, health care technologies, crisis and disaster management, cultural heritage and museum systems. We can help you solve a range of research and development tasks in these and other areas.

We specialize in these fields:

  • Collaboration technologies and information systems: We do research in how computing technology can be used to include stakeholders, to support goal-oriented collaboration, and to support co-creation processes.
  • Human computer interaction and ubiquitous computing: We do research on making technologies easy to use for people with special needs or for people in special work conditions.
  • Artificial intelligence and decision support: We do research on how to use artificial intelligence technology to support decisions based on big data sets.

We apply our research in the following areas:

  • Active assisted living: Supporting elderly and people with special needs to live independently and with dignity is a crucial part of social inclusion.
  • Healthcare: New patterns of chronic diseases require new technologies for supporting healthcare services in our societies where the inclusion of the patients in the services is an important aspect.
  • Cultural Heritage: Technologies for promoting the participation of citizens in storytelling and increasing the value of our cultural heritage.
  • Crisis Management: Technologies that support rescue workers in their everyday tasks.

Our research is international and we regularly publish the results in international conferences and journals. Blog