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Model-driven System Development

Model-driven System Development

Senior Research Scientist

To be successful in today's marketplace, a company's business model, organisational structure and software systems and services should be geared towards constant change. Hence, adaptable software and services, which are based on open architectures and standards that meets the company's business requirements, customer's and partner's expectations are important.

The development process of such solutions should be configurable and agile. It should be tailorable to different contexts and domains, iterative and incremental, as well as light-weight. Models are essential artefacts underlying the engineering process.

We believe that system engineering can greatly benefit from model-driven techniques to achieve engineering efficiency and consistency. We prescribe the usage of model transformation and code generation as an integral part of the development process. Models are not only useful, but necessary to be successful in development of complex, dynamic, and configurable systems. We can use models as a means for system generation, run-time configuration, simulation and validation, etc.

We have a web site which more extensively describes our approach, activities / projects and where you will have access to a suit of MDSE open source tools for free download.