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Decision support for complex systems

Decision support for complex systems

Research Manager

A range of technical solutions pose great demands on the users' attention. In particular, this is the case in the process industry, air traffic management, and crisis management.

What are good working conditions when attention has to be divided between multiple tasks? It is important to try out attention demanding solutions with real users before launch.



  • ANYWHERE (2016-2018). Digital tools for pro-active emergency response.
  • NextGenDST (2016-2017). Decision support in time-critical complex domains.
  • DARWIN (2015-2017). Improving responses to expected and unexpected crises through recilience management.
  • BRIDGE (2011-2014). The goal of the BRIDGE project is to increase safety of citizens by developing technical and organisational solutions that significantly improve crisis and emergency management.
  • SESAR (2010-2023). Joint undertaking for development of the future European air traffic management system. The SINTEF HCI group contributes human factor competency.

About the area

We use knowledge, methods and techniques from human-centred design in our work with solutions that challenge the users' attention capacity.

Jan Håvard Skjetne researches how prototyping techniques may contribute to effective development of good solutions for users.

Amela Karahasanovic has background in software engineering and human computer interaction. Her research interests include modelling user behaviour and user experience, innovation and human performance in air traffic management.

Erik Gøsta Nilson

Erik Gøsta Nilsson has his background in informatics and researches design and development of user interfaces, with a focus on developing user interfaces for emergency responders.