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Major projects

Major projects

Biomedical instrumentation

SmartPro, EU Saf€ra program, 2015-2017. Smart protective solutions for industrial safety and productivity in the cold.

EmerEEG, EU 7th FP, 2014-2016, Objective and reliable emergency diagnosis of traumatic brain injury.

HEADS, EU 7th FP, 2013-2015, Heterogeneous and Distributed Services for the Future Computing

CORBYS, EU 7th FP, 2011-2015. Cognitive Control Framework for Robotic Systems

d-LIVER, EU 7th FP, 2011-2015. ICT-enabled, cellular artificial liver system incorporating personalized patient management and support

BRIDGE, EU FP7 SEC, 2011-2015, Increase the safety of citizens by developing technical and organisational solutions that significantly improve crisis and emergency management.

ColdWear, KMB Norwegian Research Council, 2008-2012. Textiles and clothing for improved safety, performance, and comfort in the High North

SmartHEALTH, EU 6th FP, 2006-2010. Smart Integrated Biodiagnostic Systems for Healthcare

MicroActive, EU 6th FP, 2005 - 2008. Automatic detection of disease related molecular cell activity


Advanced packaging and interconnects

FLEXTAG, KPN in BIA Norwegian Research Council, 2015-2018, a project initiated to enhance durability and lifetime of fit for purpose flexible smart tags using novel and innovative integration and assembly methods and barrier coating materials

Lab4MEMS, EU ENIAC, 2013-2015, Aiming to establish a European Pilot Line for key enabling technologies on advanced piezoelectric and magnetic materials.

HyperConnect, EU 7th FP, 2013-2015. Functional joining of dissimilar materials using directed self-assembly of nanoparticles by capillary-bridging

Dropin, IPN in BIA Norwegian Research Council, 2012-2015. Robust inlay modules in laminated cards

e-BRAINS, EU 7th FP, 2010-2013. Best-Reliable Ambient Intelligent Nano Sensor Systems.

e-CUBES, EU 6th FP, 2006 - 2009. Develops key micro-system technologies for the 3D integration of various heterogeneous layers.

HISVESTA, EU 7th FP, 2009-2011. Continuation of HASTAC.

HASTAC, EU 6th FP, 2004 - 2008. HASTAC will contribute to increase the safety in all in-flight situations, particularly low visibility situations, by improving the transducers used in Air Data Computers (ADC) for aircraft applications.

CS-Gyro, EU CleanSky, 2011-2012

ESiP, EU ENIAC Call2, 2010-2013, Efficient Silicon Multi-Chip System-in-Package Integration

JEMSiP_3D, EU ENIAC Call1, 2009-2012, Joint Equipment & Materials for System-in-Package and 3D Integration

ReMi, KMB in BIA Norwegian Research Council, 2008-2012, Fine Pitch Interconnect of Microelectronics and Microsystems for use in Rough Environments

HTPEP, KMB in Petromaks Norwegian Research Council, 2009-2012, High Temperature Power Electronics Packaging

SootSens I & II, Nordic Innovation Centre 2008-2010, Development and patenting of a thermal management system for a particle sensor for diesel exhaust systems