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Published February 24, 2016

Improving the user experience of ICT.


We research how to design for user experience, and how user experience affects the uptake of new services and technologies.

We also develop methods to study user experience and map user behavior without distracting the user. Can our electronic traces be used to predict what kind of services we need at any given time? How to make the system detect that you are occupied by a task and adapt accordingly?


  • VISUAL (2012-2016) - a visual language for service design facilitating the development and implementation of services that provide good customer experiences.
  • Conserve and Consume (2013-2017) - redesigning sustainable consumption. How to make peer-to-peer reselling services the default mass market alternative.
  • Customer Care 2015 (2012-2016) - service design and management for the experience-centric organisation
  • R2D2 Networks - Road to media-aware user-Dependent self-aDaptive Network (2009 - 2013) R2D2 Networks is an European cooperative project financed by the Norwegian Research Council. the project will improve user experience and technical quality of broadband services through modelling, analysis and evaluation of users and patterns of use.

The HCI group has for a number of years worked with methods to understand users and the interaction between user and system. We now want to take this a step further by developing methods to automatically identify and classify user behaviour without being disturbed by researchers.


Amela Karahasanovic has background in software engineering and human computer interaction. Her research interests include modelling user behaviour and user experience, innovation and human performance in air traffic management.

Ragnhild Halvorsrud works with service research, customer journeys user experience. She has experience in usability, data analysis, system development, multi-user simulators, and computer simulation.

Ansattinfo mangler has her background from psychology. Areas of research interest include emergency management and decision support within complex systems, as well as customer journeys and user experience within the field of service research.

Ansattinfo mangler has a background in health informatics. She researches service design: communication issues, specification and analysis of service journeys. She is also interested in human computer interaction in design of IT systems especially for healthcare services.

Asbjørn Følstad has his background from psychology. He researches how to involve users in design and innovation processes, with a particular interest in methods for user insight and design feedback.