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Published February 24, 2016

Involving users in innovation processes.

Living Lab illustration

Living Lab is an approach to innovation and development where users are directly involved in technology innovataion, taking their own life context as their starting point. A large number of Living Labs have been established in Europe the last few years, in particular within the ICT field.

SINTEF hosts a Living Lab environment for user invovlement in innovation and design, where the user participated through a web browser or a mobile phone app. Read more on the Living Lab.


In our Living Lab we develop ideas, concepts and prototypes in cooperation with users. The users participate from their own computer, through a web-based interface.


Asbjørn Følstad has background from psychology. He researches how to involve users in design and innovation processes, with a particular interest in methods for user insight and design feedback.

Amela Karahasanovic has her background in informatics and researches how we can understand users on basis of online usage patterns and feedback.