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Process control
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Published November 3, 2014

Petrochemical plants, power plants, offshore oil and gas facilities, paper mills are all examples of large industrial production plants. A common issue is to operate the plants with high throughput and with minimum use of energy and raw materials and low emissions. An example is to maximize the production from a set of oil wells or to maximize the amount of paper production for each unit of timber. This requires a well functioning control strategy and control system.

We focus on development of new methodology and tools for process control in order to obtain high product quality and yield, combined with well controlled operation in regard of the health, safety and environmental requirements. The benefits from optimal control will show up directly at the bottom line.

The relation between process design parameters and plant operability are not generally known for new emerging process technologies, thus analysis of the dynamic and operational properties are important.

More compact process designs tighten the operational margins and require higher attention on process control for disturbance rejection and handling of interactions. We contribute in the development of good and practical solutions. It spans from basic regulatory control for single units and small dedicated plants, even micro systems, up to complex integrated plants like oil and gas processing systems that operates in a dynamic market. The solutions involve man, technology and organisation issues.

Main fields of competence:

  • Control algorithms – from conventional PID controllers to model based control
  • Mathematical modelling and analysis of dynamic systems
  • Optimizing Control and production planning
  • State- and parameter estimation
  • Simulators and decision support
  • Integrated control and process design – Plantwide control, operability, flexibility, regularity
  • System development for control systems and simulators
  • Specific process knowledge


  • Optimal operation and design of gas processing plants – Market focus on process control
  • Finding the best control structure - Plantwide control methodology
  • Can we make the plant simpler to control? – Integrated process- and control design
  • Combine simulation and risk analysis - FlareCheck computes the risk of critical overpressure in flare systems
  • How to get the best performance with your PID controllers - Tuning and verification
  • Control problem analysis an diagnosis – Control performance monitoring
  • Improved understanding of process behaviour through simulation - Development and use of simulators

Contact person:

Ivar Johan Halvorsen