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Motion control
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Published November 3, 2014

Motion control includes robotics, dynamic positioning of vessels and control of underwater vehicles. Motion control can be used in diagnostics or in control of mechanical systems.

Measurement of motion can be measurement of acceleration, velocity, force or position.

In motion control, forces or torques are used to move a mechanical system according to a desired trajectory. Motion control requires knowledge on modelling, simulation, system identification and trajectory generation. In addition, knowledge on servo systems and system dynamics is necessary. In the case of human diagnostics, knowledge on bio systems is required.

Main fields of competence:

  • Advanced robotics (including model-based control and dynamic analysis)
  • Advanced control systems for cars
  • Measurement and analysis of motion
  • Servo control
  • Control of underwater vehicles
  • Dynamic positioning systems
  • Bio inspired control systems
  • Haptic interfaces
  • ROV and AUV

We are participating in the Gemini Centre for Advanced Robotics (\advancedrobotics).


  • Diagnostics on brain damage of children
  • Analysis of walk to detect discrepancies in the gait patterns
  • Analysis of human neck motion to perform a diagnostics of neck damage
  • Robots painting Kinder egg toys
  • Snakerobots
  • Advanced inspection and intervention robots
  • CEmACS - Collision avoidance systems
  • Coordinated robotic systems

Contact person:

Erik Kyrkjebø