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Dynamic modelling and data analysis
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Published November 3, 2014

In the design of e.g. a hydrogen production unit it is necessary to analyse the system dynamics with respect to operability and start-up/shut-down. Questions to be answered are: Is the system designed according to specification? What happens if the feed pressure increases? Will the product hold its specification?

Dynamic simulation helps us to understand the system dynamic properties. Our simulation models are based on first principals. We use existing simulators as ASSETT and D-SPICE, or we develop and implement our own in Matlab, Extend or SENIT.

We use dynamic simulation to:

  • Verify control philosophy and control structures
  • Perform operability analysis
  • Perform safety analysis
  • Optimise the process

We use data analysis to:

  • Estimate parameters that cannot be measured (e.g. pressure in offshore pipelines)
  • Generate prognoses (e.g. for number of errors occurring during the next period)
  • Develop black-box mathematical models (e.g. in testing of control system)

Main fields of competence:

  • Modelling of dynamic systems based on first principals
  • Dynamic system analysis
  • Data analysis
  • Black-box modelling (Neural networks, AR models etc.)
  • Optimisation
  • Programming
  • Commercial simulators


  • Verification of control system
  • Verification of safety system
  • Operator training
  • Fault detection
  • Operability analysis
  • Duty monitoring
  • Decision support

On-going projects (2005/2006):

  • Use of Snøhvit dynamic simulator D-SPICE in compressor analysis
  • Development of a dynamic simulator for a small scale hydrogen production unit (