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Research Manager / Chief Scientist
+47 930 58 703

We are currently 18 researchers, some of whom also work as senior software engineers. For more than 20 years, we have been developing optimisation methods, software prototypes, libraries and components, and we have built a strong international level of competence and publication record in optimisation. Our software libraries contain a range of different solution methods (exact and approximate) that have been refined over many years. (We do work with the main commercial solvers as well.) In recent years, we have also developed our own discrete event simulator. We conduct basic and applied research on

  • planning,
  • scheduling,
  • routing,
  • sequencing,
  • design,
  • and timetabling problems.

Our main market areas are transportation: road, maritime, and aviation; healthcare; sports; building and infrastructure; and finance. We commercialise our results through spin-off companies and software vendors and sometimes sell directly to end users (industry and the public sector). 


Interested in working with us: please use the contact point above.

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