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Research Manager / Chief Scientist
+47 930 58 703

The Optimization Group at SINTEF Digital currently consists of 19 employees: researchers and software engineers. It is one of eight groups within the Department of Mathematics and Cybernetics. For the past 25 years, we have been developing optimization methods, software prototypes, libraries, and components. We have built expertise at an international level and have a good publication record. The group conducts basic and applied research, mainly within discrete optimization, for tasks such as planning, scheduling, routing, sequencing, design, and timetabling. Our business areas include goods and passenger transportation, air traffic management, health care, sports, energy, construction, finance, and emergency preparedness. For more information, see a selection of our recent projects and news.

As requirements vary regarding solution accuracy and response time, the group covers the full range of methods for solving discrete (combinatorial) optimization problems: exact methods, decomposition, as well as approximation methods based on metaheuristics or matheuristics.

We develop our own software libraries that have been refined and extended over many years and contain a variety of solution methods, but we also utilize commercial solvers. Our results are exploited, either through existing solution vendors, spin-off companies, or directly by the end users. Our revenues come from users in industry and the public sector, often supported by Norwegian or EU funding agencies. The group is internationally renowned both in industry and academia. We publish actively, also in top level scientific journals.


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