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Communication Acoustics

Communication Acoustics

Sound signals such as sound and music carry important and desired information in our everyday lives. Communication acoustics deals with the transmission, reception, and processing of such sound. In addition to a thorough understanding of sound propagation, electronics, and signal processing, understanding how we humans percieve sound is essential in communication acoustics.


Electroacoustics deals with the conversion of electric signals to sound and vice versa. Our expertise includes:

Transducer technology

The acoustics group has knowledge of a range of transducers, small and large, for gases and fluids, used as sound transmitter, microphones and energy transformers. Part of this knowledge concerns the choice and modelling of commercial products in specific applications. Our knowledge also include transducers designed internally, especially piezoelectric (plastic and crystalline) and electrodynamic (loadspeakers).

Modelling of acoustic systems

To find suitable complete constructions, transducers are often part of models which include the interface between electronics and the surroundings (such as space, pipes, ocean, body, ear, etc).

Analog technology

Modelling and construction of analog low frequency electronics are often a part of system construction. Our experience include ASIC-specification and conventional circuit construction. In addition to amplification and signal processing, we have also worked on energy harvesting.

Contact:Tonni Franke Johansen 


Digital signal processing of an acoustic signal allows us to extract and modify properties of the signal. This is used e.g. in hearing protection and to optimise communication in rough environments. We develop low-power signal processing systems for personal sound equipments, and develop algorithms for signal processors and PCs used in other real-time applications such as acoustic counting of studded tyres.

Contact: Tonni Franke Johansen



SINTEF Acoustics' expertise include audiology and the physiology of the ear. This forms the basis for work in these disciplines:

Hearing and hearing loss

Knowledge of how hearing works is important to prevent damage. The Acoustics group has knowledge of both healthy and diseased anatomy. This include expertise in damage risk/prevention and rehabilitation (hearing aid technology). We have worked on the development of hearing aid technology, and have performed clinical tests on new hearing aid technology.

Hearing protection

SINTEF Acoustics are actively working on the development of hearing protection. This includes knowledge of ear defenders, plugs, attenuation, and understanding of how sound still may reach cochlea when ear protection are used. We participate in the standardization work within ISO4869 which concerns hearing protection, and we may perform standardised measurments of hearing protectors.

Psychoacoustics and 3D-sound

Psychoacoustics concerns the human experience of sound, and reactions to sounds. It is also possible to build artificial sound fields, and simulate static or dynamic situations.

Contact: Ansattinfo mangler