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Clean water research

Based on multi-disciplinary terms of scientists, engineering and business developers, we provide new and improved insight into water related challenges. SINTEF support both industries and municipalities with need for management, solutions, innovations and documentation. Our projects cover all aspects of the water chain, from water sourcing to final treatment for reuse and discharges, and potentially extraction of valuables in the reject stream.

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Fish ladders

Fish ladders are constructed to enable fish to swim upstream past migration barriers. Such barriers may be natural or artificial and the aim is to provide the fish with access to areas which are important for their population development. It is important to understand the ecological challenges faced by the fish species in question as well as the technical systems which are relevant at an individual location. In regulated water systems it is also crucial to have knowledge of power station operation and of the challenges fish encounter when migrating downstream again past power station intakes and dams.

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Mass spectrometry and separation science in Biotechnology

Biological and biotechnological systems are often very complex, containing a large number (hundreds to thousands) of distinct chemical compounds. The use of mass spectrometry (MS) coupled to chromatographic separation (GC, LC, IC, FFF) allows for sensitive and robust quantification (ng/ml and below) of one or several selected compounds. This can be done even when the compound(s) of interest is present at very low concentration and in complex mixtures with closely related molecules. No other analytical technique can provide the same combination of sensitivity, selectivity and specificity for biological systems.

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