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Building Ventilation

Energy efficiency and increased heating comfort has resulted in modern buildings being more airtight than previous building constructions. Tight buildings have reduced the uncontrolled ventilation, without this being sufficiently compensated through controlled ventilation. Both in existing and future buildings, it is therefore important to install ventilation plants that are satisfactory with regard to air flow rate, reliability, comfort, energy efficiency and usability.

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Geothermal energy systems

Geothermal energy systems cover systems for both shallow and deep geothermal wells. Shallow geothermal boreholes, 50 - 200 m, are used as heat source or sink for heat pumping systems. Deep geothermal wells, typically 1-10 km, can retrieve heat with higher temperature. Heat with high temperature can be utilised directly, e.g. for district heating, or as a heat as source for running a heat-to-power cycle.

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Heating Installations in Buildings

Installations for waterborne heating has been common in both commercial buildings and residences for many years. Such installations provide flexibility in the choice of energy source. Because of constantly stricter regulations regarding energy efficiency, modern buildings require less and less energy supply in the form of heat. One of the challenges in the future is effective operation of heating installations with low temperatures and small quantities of water.

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