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SINTEF offers expertise along the entire value chain from primary production to product development and performance. As a result of its low weight, outstanding corrosion properties and excellent mechanical properties, aluminium is one of the most important construction materials in the world.

Vice President
415 47 918
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Building Physics

The activity og SINTEF Building and Infrastructure within building physics comprise moisture and heat transmission, pressure ratio, air and rain resistance in materials and constructions, as well as energy use in buildings. Our core expertise is practical building physics, by transferring new knowledge and research findings into solutions for the building industry.

Research Manager
454 28 981
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Planning and Building Legislation

The purpose of the planning and building legislation is to promote sustainable development in favor of individuals, the society and future generations. Together with the associated regulations and guidance, the Planning and Building Act is one of the most important framing factors for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry (AEC). The provisions of the legislation are implemented through governmental, regional and municipal planning and building administration, and put into practice by the professional actors in the building process.

Senior Scientist
971 83 297
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