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About SINTEF Building and Infrastructure

About SINTEF Building and Infrastructure

SINTEF Building and Infrastructure solves challenges throughout the entire construction process. We offer specialist expertise in technical fields ranging from architecture and construction physics to the management, operation and the maintenance of buildings, water supply, and other forms of infrastructure.

Business areas

Our four business areas are:

Research and development

As a research and development partner, we can open doors for you – nationally and internationally. SINTEF Building and Infrastructure aspires to build up competence at the cutting edge of international research. This will also benefit the Norwegian building industry.

Research based consultancy

An independent third party can offer new perspectives on challenging projects. Our experience in specialist consultancy, project review and analytical services provides us with a unique insight into the challenges facing Norway's building, construction and housing sector.

Product Documentation

Whether you manufacture or buy building products, product documentation from SINTEF Certification guarantees quality, complies with all statutory documentation requirements, and provides guidelines for use.

SINTEF Certification


Knowledge has no value unless it is shared. SINTEF Building and Infrastructure disseminates the most recent research-based knowledge to the building industry.


This chain of activities ensures relevance in our work; it gives us insight into the demands for research, development and innovation in the building sector; it secures dissemination of research results. Certification of building products brings the industry into our laboratories, giving us knowledge on strengths and weaknesses for products and solutions.


Priority areas

Due to the great challenges facing the world, SINTEF Building and Infrastructure will concentrate on the following areas in our research and development:

Energy efficiency and renewable energy

We will increase the efficiency of energy use in existing buildings in a life cycle perspective, and develop systems and infrastructure for the application of renewable energy.

Environmental technology

We will develop technology and solutions with the purpose of reducing the environmental strain and increasing the sustainability of buildings and infrastructure.

Climate adaptation of buildings and infrastructure

We will develop technology and solutions for climate adaptation of existing and future buildings and infrastructure.

Clean water

We will develop technology and solutions for management of water resources, improving water infrastructure and the treatment of water for various purposes.