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Standardised Testing

SINTEF offers standardised testing of immersion suits, personal flotation devices (lifejackets etc.) and cold weather protective clothing.

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Standardised testing of immersion suit.
Standardised testing of immersion suit in pool. Photo. Geir Mogen

Testing of personal protective equipment and clothing by SINTEF will provide you with a valuable assessment of your products suitability under specific operating conditions. Our testing procedure includes testing in accordance with customer specifications, product standards or statutory directives.

We perform minikin tests, functional tests, and thermical tests according to the following standards:

  • IMO res. MSC 81(70)/MSC 200(80)/SOLAS: Immersion suits and working suits.
  • EN ISO 15027-3: Immersion suits and working suits.
  • EN ISO 12402-1-10: Immersion suits - test methods, 50 - 275 Newton.
  • EN ISO 15831: Measurement of thermal insulation by means of a thermal manikin.
  • EN 342: Protective equipment; Clothes for protection against cold.
  • ETSO-2C503: Immersion suit for helicopter crew and passengers. The Norwegian Maritime Directorate's special requirements for passenger jackets and immersion suits.

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