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This is SINTEF

This is SINTEF

SINTEF is the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia. We create value and innovation through knowledge generation and development of technological solutions that are brought into practical use.

SINTEF is a broadly based, multidisciplinary research institute with international top-level expertise in technology, medicine and the social sciences. We conduct contract R&D as partner for the private and public sectors, and we are among the four largest contract research institutions in Europe.

SINTEF's goal is to be a world-leading research institute. We create value and develop solutions to some of society's grand challenges by being at the forefront of our strategic focus areas:

  • Renewable energy, climate- and environmental technology
  • Oil and gas
  • Ocean space technology
  • Health and welfare
  • Enabling technologies

SINTEF is an independent, not-for-profit research institute. The profits of our contract research projects are invested in new research, scientific equipment and competence development. Since 2007, we have invested NOK 1 billion in laboratories and scientific equipment.

Our vision is Technology for a better society 

Key figures

SINTEF employs 2000 staff from 70 different countries. 55 per cent of our researchers have Phd-degrees.

In 2015, we performed about 5400 research projects for some 3800 customers. Our turnover in 2015 was NOK 3,2 billion, more than 90 per cent of which was won in open competition. Basic grants from the Research Council make up around seven percent of our turnover.

Partners in cooperation

SINTEF operates in partnership with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim. NTNU personnel work on SINTEF projects, and many SINTEF staff teach at NTNU. Our collaboration involves the extensive joint use of laboratories and equipment, and more than 500 people are employed by both NTNU and SINTEF. We also collaborate with the University in Oslo and other leading research organisations in Norway and abroad.

International activity

SINTEF has customers on all continents. In 2015, 16 percent of our turnover was derived from international contracts in 54 countries.

About 40 percent of our international turnover comes from the EU's research programmes, in which SINTEF is a leading participant.

We maintain an international presence via an office in Brussels, a subsidiary company in Chile and a laboratory in Denmark.

Technology transfer

SINTEF also acts as an incubator for technology transfer and new companies. The last ten years we were involved in the commercialisation of more than eighty different SINTEF technologies, through licensing agreements and the establishment of new companies. But the most important part of our technology transfer is to produce new knowledge and innovation for existing companies through research and development.

Organisation and locations

SINTEF is structured as a corporation with eight research institutes. In addition, the limited company SINTEF Holding is established to manage SINTEF's ownership of start-up companies and other affiliated companies.

SINTEF has approximately 1500 employees located in Trondheim and 420 in Oslo. In Norway we also have offices in Bergen, Tromsø, Ålesund, Raufoss, Mo i Rana and Porsgrunn, as well as a research station in Spitsbergen.

Outside Norway we have offices in Brussels, Belgium; Puerto Varas, Chile and a laboratory in Hirtshals, Denmark. SINTEF's head office is in Trondheim.