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SINTEF's declaration of responsibility

This web-site, including its contents, and the selection and organisation of the contents of each individual page and combination of pages, is the exclusive property of SINTEF. All rights to this material are reserved.

The source of all information taken from SINTEF's web-site must be acknowledged.
SINTEF does its best to ensure that all the information presented on its web-site is correct at the time of publication. However, information presented on the web-site will not always be accurate, up-to-date or applicable to the circumstances of any particular case.
We cannot accept any responsibility for omissions of inaccuracies in the information that appears on this web-site. Neither SINTEF nor any of SINTEF's subsidiaries accept responsibility for direct, indirect, special, significant or other losses or damage of any sort resulting from access to or use of this web-site or any of its content.
SINTEF accepts no responsibility for the content of pages to which you have gained access via SINTEF's web-site, nor for pages which you have accessed via hyperlinks to SINTEF's site. SINTEF thus accepts no responsibility for anything that may be found on other sites.
SINTEF also reserves the right to make changes and corrections to its material at any time and without advance notice.
We would be pleased to receive notice of any erroneous or inaccurate information found on this web-site. Please send feedback to our webmaster.

SINTEF's declaration of confidentiality

Our web-sites may ask for your name, telephone number and/or email address in order to deal with and/or respond to your request as efficiently as possible.
Without your permission, your personal data will not be used in any other connection.


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