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The development of the European Materials & Modelling Ontology (EMMO) has gained a lot of interest among the different stakeholders of EMMC, due to its great potential as an enabler for connecting scientific data and models in a semantic way. However, in order for people to start using it, tools...

Authors Friis Jesper Bleken Francesca Lønstad Saai Afaf Løvfall Bjørn Tore
Year 2019
Type Report/thesis

A weathering study has been conducted on the Kvitebjørn condensate. This study is based on a small-sea le laboratory testing at 13 °C. The SINTEF Oil Weathering Model (OWM) was used to predict the weathering properties of the Kvitebjørn condensate if spilled on the sea surface. The we...

Year 2019
Type Report/thesis