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Future Prospects in Aquaculture Technology - closed and exposed

Future Prospects in Aquaculture Technology - closed and exposed

The fourth Future Prospects seminar during AquaNor in Trondheim challenge scientists, equipment suppliers and salmon producers to lecture on two themes - closed and exposed farming. SINTEF, akvARENA, AVS Chile and the NorFishing Foundation are this year's organizers.

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The speakers will present why they have chosen their technological solution, what they have learned during the development so far and how they see their future. The global perspective under AquaNor makes this year's program more international than ever. Speakers from Norway, Canada, Chile and the Faroe Islands meet to share knowledge and experience across the salmon producing community.
Each presenter will speak for 15 minutes and get follow-up questions from the audience and the chair, Karl A. Almaas.

The seminar is free of charge and open to all participants at AquaNor.


Welcome and introduction to closed and exposed
Vegar Johansen, CEO SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture

Closed Aquaculture

  • Experience from closed aquaculture in Canada
    Aaron Craig – Northern Harvest Sea Farms
  • Aquafarms – why did we start, what is the experience so far and how do we develop further
    Ragnar Joensen – Marine Harvest
  • Closed aquaculture in Chile, experience so far and goals for the future
    Andrew Campbell – Aquagroup

Exposed Aquaculture

  • Possibilities and perspectives for exposed aquaculture in Chile
    Valentina Tapia Montt – AVS Chile
  • Exposed Aquaculture Operations in Norway
    Hans Bjelland – SINTEF
  • Exposed Aquaculture in Scotland
    Heather Jones – Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre