ECCO – European value Chain for CO2

ECCO was a research project that aimed to accelerating the development of CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS), which is one of the main strategies to combat global warming.

Ill: Prosjektlab & Bellona


The main objective of ECCO

was to establish recommendations for how a European infrastructure for CCS could be built, and identify how CCS value chains could be established, i.e. identify how CCS can become economically viable.

ECCO was a European research project partly funded by the European Commission under the 7th framework programme for research (FP7). The project had 19 partners with a budget of more than five million Euros.

The project started in September 2008 and was completed by end of  November 2011.



ECCO - European value Chain for CO2 -  Conference in Trondheim 14 June 2011

  The project is coordinated by SINTEF Energy Research Contact: Petter E. Røkke