Conference - Spill response for the future
The offshore oil and gas activity will continue to expand further north, into new regions into deeper water and closer to the coast. This trend, together with the increasing transport of crude oil, refined products and chemicals along the northern coasts and regions will lead to a greater risk of various pollutants being released into the environment.

The conference will take place at Rica Hell hotel and focus on:

  • Political basis for improvements of the oil spill technology 
  • The need for new innovations in oil spill technology 
  • Improvements of present solutions 
  • Recent accidents - What went wrong and what are the experiences after the oil spill clean up operations 
  • Panel debate; New R&D initiatives – will they bring us forward and what is needed? 
  • Solutions and strategies for development 
  • Knowledge based approach as a tool for development

Stein Erik Sørstrøm
Senior Business Developer
SINTEF Materials and Chemistry 
Cellphone: 99536050