About piezoMEMS

Piezoelectric MEMS can fulfil many of the requirements of future smart devices:

  • Low power requirements
  • Small volume
  • High performance
  • Ease of manufacture

High quality PZT thin films has been fabricated and integrated successfully with silicon microsystems in low volume. Design, micromachining guidelines and validated procedures for deposition of PZT thin films were developed by the FP6 project MEMS-pie. The process is currently being offered as an MPW (multi-project wafer) service to interested parties under the name SINTEF moveMEMS and has attracted considerable interest.

Through the EU FP7 project piezoVolume high throughput, cost-effective and robust manufacturing of piezoelectric microsystems is made available to industry, both as tools and procedures that can be acquired but also as a source of piezoMEMS design and fabrication competence. Some of the work will continue in the ENIAC project Lab4MEMS.

Published June 12, 2012


The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's Sixth, Seventh and H2020 Framework Programmes.