CO2 Transport - WP5
The objective of this work package is to conduct techno-economic assessment of options for CO2 transport in the Nordic region as well as to disseminate knowledge regarding the availability of fundamental properties of CO2 on transport. Furthermore, this includes also other critical issues regarding the safe and economic handling during transport.

Here a feasibility analysis of transport system under different scenarios of the role of CCS considering possible integration with CCS infrastructure in Northern Europe will be conducted.  Moreover, cost-efficient modes for transportation will be defined (pipeline/boat). Potential CO2 transport routes will be defined based on industry cases and early cost estimates in line with the ZEP report on CO2 Transport Cost (December 2010) will be conducted.

Another focus is to provide knowledge regarding impact of fundamental properties of CO2 on transport and to identify issues critical to CO2 transport in the Nordic region. Particular focus will be on impurities as the available models of CO2 transport in pipelines regarding safety and operation need improvements. The work will be related to industry cases (WP3), CO2 capture (WP4) and Storage (WP6). The development of safe procedures for injection into reservoirs, first fill and depressurization of pipelines is critical and requires modelling, as well as robust, accurate and efficient numerical methods. Thermo and fluid dynamical models for CO2 transport will be benchmarked.

Published February 8, 2012

Halvor Lund  
SINTEF Energy Research