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The Driving Simulator
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Published March 15, 2005

The driving simulator is the main component of the “Norwegian Centre for Studies of Road User Behaviour”. The centre is based on a cross-disciplinary environment at SINTEF and NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) including expert knowledge of traffic, road design, IT, medicine, psychology and educational science.

The driving simulator includes the following equipment

The driving simulator is used both for educational and applied research purposes:

Scientific Research and Education

  • Scientific Research
  • Education at University level; MSc (NTNU)
  • Doctoral Studies (PhD / Dr. ing.)

Applied Research

  • Driver Capabilities
  • Driver Training Methods
  • In -vehicle ICT solutions
  • Traffic Regulation and Road Design
  • Traffic Medicine


The following video is a demonstration of our heavy vehicle simulator. It was made as a part of the GOFER-project.