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Norwegian ultrasound technology in Cape Town

UltraLyd Cape Town

26.05.2014 Norwegian researchers have installed a system that uses 3D ultrasound and image guidance in one of Africa's biggest children's hospitals. This could make it easier to treat brain diseases in children.

Young motorists lack self control

26.05.2014 So now we have it in black and white – the emotional centre in young men's brains overrides the area controlling their ability to make rational decisions. This leads to accidents among risk-seeking motorists.

Can an app help make life easier for children with ADHD?

26.05.2014 We have tended to associate welfare technology with support for the elderly. Now researchers are looking at whether technology such as digital calendars and smartwatches can also provide support for children with autism and ADHD.

An app to help ex-drug and alcohol abusers

07.11.2013 Ex-drug and alcohol abusers who have completed their treatment need a simple support system and daily motivation. Now they are getting both – in a handy pocket format.

Thomas Langø new Research Director for dep. of Medical Technology

Thomas Langø

16.09.2013 Thomas Langø takes over as Research Director for the Department of Medical Technology after Toril N. Hernes, who goes to NTNU as head of the Department of Circulation and Medical Imaging at the Medical Faculty.

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Efficient value chains for the forest industry in Coastal Norway

This project will contribute to new knowledge on efficient use of sea transportation and efficient quay operations within the forest value chain, in order to increase the quantities of timber and wood related products transported by ship in Coastal Norway. Hence, the project will also help to...

CAPTURE+: Sustainable biochar systems for a zero emission society

By converting organic matter into biochar, which has a high stability, carbon can remain fixed in soils for several centuries.

Learning from Successful Operations

In safety work we have traditionally been concerned with mistakes, failures and why things go wrong. Such a focus will always be important to prevent new accidents, but there is also much to learn why things go well. Why do we succeed in coping with a challenging work operation in a good way?

Roadmap for Innovation of Welfare Technology

Several municipalities have started welfare project technology, but the technology is only limited in use in Norwegian municipalities (Hoen and Tangen 2011). The municipalities need knowledge about the opportunities in this technology, and have called for an increased focus on counseling with...


AUTOPART is a research project that aims to develop methodology, tools, methods and industrial demonstrators for the establishment of focused automotive spare parts production, in combination with production of ordinary automotive parts.

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