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Atomic-level protection for drivers

12.06.2014 A new window on the world of atoms will make future vehicles safer in collisions

Ancient microbes with industrial potential

14.05.2014 Microorganisms that live in the depths of an oil reservoir can withstand such extreme conditions they can be used in harsh chemical processes.

"Super bacteria" cleaning up after oil spills

07.03.2014 Researchers in Trondheim have achieved surprising results by exploiting nature's own ability to clean up after oil spills.

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PlusUltra - Novel photoelectrocatalytic concepts for conversion of water, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen to fuels and chemicals

The PlusUltra project aims at providing new concepts for photoelectrocatalaytic conversion of H2O, CO2, and N2 to fuels, useful chemicals, and fertilizers using renewable energy.

CAPDESIGN - Encapsulation of polymeric healing agents in self-healing concrete: capsule design

We consider that € 40–120 million of the maintenance costs for concrete bridges, tunnels and retaining walls in the European Union could be saved by application of self-healing concrete.

ROP, Knowledge basis for repair contingency of pipelines

The overall objective of the present project is to establish basic knowledge on subsea hyperbaric repair welding and degradation of clad and lined pipes, as well as C-Mn steel, as studied by laboratory  experiments in combination with numerical modelling of processes and material properties...

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