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SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture Ltd. represents technological expertise and industry knowledge in the utilization of renewable marine resources. Under the vision "Technology for a better society" we are working for a knowledge-based bio marine industry. Our goal is to meet market demands for technological research and development on renewable marine resources. Our expertise, interdisciplinary approach and industrual knowledge provide our customers with added value in all the projects we undertake.

More than 80% of our revenues come from research contracts and among those, contract research for industry is the bulk. In our facilities we have a range of different laboratories, direct supply of seawater and even an artificial fishing boat platform which can emulate ship movements for testing equipment and processes under "real" sea- and wave conditions.

Our main areas are:

Fisheries Technology: vessel and equipment research, safety in the fishing fleet.
Aquaculture Technology: aquaculture structures, land-based facilities, management and operation as well as traceability of marine products.
Process Technology: process technology, processing of marine raw materials to consumer products, feed and ingredients.
Marine Resources Technology: Modelling of marine systems, new species in aquaculture, marine bioprospecting.
Research based consulting: National and international advisory services for companies and public administration.

Through cooperation within the SINTEF Group, we can integrate our own expertise with cutting edge knowledge from other industrial sectors (industrial materials, ICT, medicine, etc.) into the fisheries and aquaculture sector.

Through a close and committed cooperation with NTNU, we can offer businesses and government agencies integrated research and education related to strategic research and industrial projects in the fisheries and aquaculture sector. We also have a network of formal partners among international research institutes.

SINTEF group, 96.1%
Norges Fiskarlag 3.9%

Published March 14, 2014

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