Environment and Climate

Although Norway is one of the smallest country in Europe in terms of population, we are among the world’s leading exporters of energy, and SINTEF is one of Europe’s most important research and educational centres in the field of environmentally friendly technology.


Together with NTNU, we can probably boast of the largest number of research scientists, laboratories and students in Scandinavia who work on renewable energy topics.

Our work is highly integrated, and ranges from basic research and education to applied research and development performed in close collaboration with industry. Our industrial partners include national and international energy suppliers, manufacturers and utilities.

Most of the areas of environmental research in which we operate are climate-related, and tackle the problem of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This is the field that we are profiling on these web-pages.

Environmental research not related to climate
However, SINTEF also does environmental research, such as dealing with oil-spills, that has nothing to do with the climate.

The Department of Marine Environmental Technology performs monitoring and modelling studies in connection with discharges of oil and chemicals to the marine and terrestrial environments.

We also do research on NOx emissions in which research groups at MARINTEK  play leading roles.

The Research Centres for Environmentally Friendly Energy were established in the wake of the Norwegian Climate Convention, and these perform focused long-term research of high international standard, with the aim of tackling energy-related challenges.

Published May 19, 2014