More electricity from the sun

03.09.2014Ultra-efficient solar cells, based on cheap materials, could be here in a few years.

With financial support from the Research Council of Norway, SINTEF and the University of Oslo are developing technology that can make tomorrow’s solar cells twice as efficient as today’s. Photo...

September 1st : The 75-year anniversary of the Towing Tank

01.09.2014The Towing Tank at Tyholt was officially opened on September the 1st, 1939.

Watch the film about the history of the Towing Tank.

Stealth medicine

18.09.2014Using nanocapsules containing cancer drugs, researchers have succeeded in attacking tumours with surgical precision. One of the ways to manufacture such capsules is with...

Nanocapsules containing cancer drugs can be more effective than traditional treatments. Ilustration: SINTEF/NTNU

Idealistic Norwegian sun trappers

16.09.2014The typical Norwegian owner of a solar heating system is a resourceful man in his mid-fifties. He is technically skilled, interested in energy systems, and wants to save money...

Seven solar cell systems were selected, all of which were installed in private residences. Housing association estates with solar heating systems were also included in the survey. Photo: Enova