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Ledige stillinger og oppgaver

Ledige stillinger og oppgaver

Internships and master thesis in hirtshals

Summer internship in our Flumetank in Hirtshals

Some possible topics for summer jobs 2016:

  • Perform measurements of different flow regimes in the laboratory
  • Perform characterization of the wave maker / current flow interactions
  • Develop control systems for hybrid model tests
  • Develop vision systems for net mesh characterization
  • Develop tool for analysis of the geometry of aquaculture installations from experiments.

Other topics may also be of interest.
The duration of the summer jobs is estimated to 5-7 weeks.

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Master thesis

SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture is happy to announce the opportunity for students to accomplish their thesis in cooperation with us. We are able to provide access to an exciting infrastructure, and will help supervising the students. An MSc project is a good opportunity for students to accomplish projects in cooperation with an industrial research institute, and an excellent first step towards possible future employment in SINTEF or other industrial companies. The student has to arrange the formal contact with a supervisor / professor at their university and make agreements with SINTEF's contact person for the actual project.

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