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The transformation of the fossil-based energy sector with large green house gas emission to clean energy is one of the greater global challenges.Our research area in sustainable energy covers technology within CCS, renewables, energy storage, hydrogen and fuel cells. The applied and innovation-driven research aim at making CCS and renewable technologies and energy systems reliable and affordable.

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Aerodynamic analysis of wind turbines and windfarms

Wind turbines are continuously growing in size, and with the increasing focus on offshore installations, accurately analysis of wind loads and intermittency is of great importance.Windfarms typically consists of a large number of such turbines, and the wind interaction between the turbines must be known to be able to optimize the windfarm with respect to electricity production and to low maintenance cost. Such optimization strongly relies on the control systems used to operate the windfarm.

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SINTEF is performing research on the whole battery value chain, from development of new materials for existing batteries and new battery systems to evaluation of performance and lifetime of commercial batteries for various applications. Other electrochemical energy storage systems such as supercapacitors and redox flow batteries are also areas of research.

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Ceramic materials

SINTEF has expertise in the production and characterization of glass, glass ceramics, structural ceramics, composites, high temperature sealing, porcelain, glaze, glass, foam glass and bricks. SINTEF can make ceramic- and glass test samples based on the customer's specifications for material properties evaluation.

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Chemical engineering unit operations and process plants

At SINTEF we work with the development of new chemical processes, separation sequences, process intensification and optimization of unit operations and complete plants. The activities span from the analysis of chemical properties and building of bench scale testing equipment to the design and commissioning of large scale pilot plants. Process modelling and simulation are integral activities of this work.

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CO2-capture: Process modelling and simulation

Modelling is important for understand the mechanisms associated with the separation of CO2 from large point sources such as fossil fuel power plants, steel works and similar. Modelling tools can be used for plant design process optimization and system improvement. SINTEF has developed a simulation software package, CO2SIM, for simulation of absorption based CO2 capture, tailored for this purpose.

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Fuel cells

SINTEF offers broad knowledge in development and characterization of materials and components for fuel cell technology. Fuel cells represent one of the most effective technologies for converting chemical energy into electricity. We develop PEM, SOFC and PCFC - type fuel cells for both stationary and transport applications. We have a strong network of international partners, allowing us to be in the forefront of the technology development.

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Hydrogen technology and energy storage

Hydrogen will be an important supplement to electricity as an energy carrier in future sustainable energy systems. In addition to being fuel for the transport sector, hydrogen will contribute to increased utilization of renewable energy sources. The need for energy storage will increase dramatically, and hydrogen will be the preferred option for large amounts of energy, and storage over longer periods.

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Renewable energy

Development of renewable energy solutions is essential in order for us to be able to respond to the energy demands facing mankind today. Our research in renewable energy comprise development of processes for production of high quality single crystal and multi-crystal silicon, thin silicon materials and new materials and concept for solar cells. We develop blade and generator technology for offshore wind turbines, and new drilling technology and monitoring methods for deep geothermal energy.

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