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Norwegian Aluminium and ferroalloys industries are today the cleanest and most energy-efficient in the world, resulting from a long tradition for continuous innovation, where SINTEF has played an important role.Our research comprises the whole value-chain, from the extraction of minerals from the crust of the earth, through the production of metals and materials to the application and behavior of materials and end products. Recycling, urban mining and process waste valorization are important part of our activities.

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Catalysis is involved in 85-90 % of all chemicals production. SINTEF has extensive experience within both homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis. Our projects are often directed towards understanding the operation of the catalyst and the interplay between the catalyst and its process. We work closely with partners in academia and Norwegian and international industry.

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Production of Ferroalloys (i.e. Ferrosilicon/Silicon- and Ferromanganese) is a strong and significant land-based industry in Norway. The results from the cooperation between the industry and academia (SINTEF/NTNU) in Norway are basic knowledge regarding thermodynamics- and kinetic-data as well as reaction mechanisms within core processes and environmental issues.

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Process modelling

Process modelling at SINTEF is based on advanced mathematical modeling and simulation tools combined with our well-equipped laboratories and experimental facilities. Our research stretches from understanding and modeling of multiphase systems, material mechanics, manufacturing processes, to process design and optimization and industrial implementation.

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