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About us

About us

Executive Vice President
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SINTEF Materials and Chemistry is a research institute offering high competence within materials technology, applied chemistry and applied biology.

A Certified Institute

SINTEF Materials and Chemistry always strive to meet our customers' requirements, needs and expectations, and prioritize quality.

The Institute is certified according to NS- EN ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001 and Regulations relating to Systematic Health, Environmental and Safety Activities in Enterprises (Internal Control Regulations). This means that the organization must ensure to deliver products/ services that fulfill the requirements (e.g. customer requirements). The organization must also have implemented an environmental policy and work systematically to ensure a good working environment and safety of our employees.

The certification applies to the implementation and maintenance of management systems.

Board of Directors/Management

Board of Directors SINTEF Materials and Chemistry:
Alexandra Bech Gjørv , President (CEO), SINTEF
Eli Aamot , Executive Vice President, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry
Jøran Idar Moen, Head of Department, Univ. i Oslo
Anne Borg, Dean, NTNU
Lene Navestad, Talent Manager, Group HR
Jacob Steinmo, Manager Director, LKAB Norge AS
Dag Schanke, Senior Research Scientist, Statoil ASA
Tone Aas Heggenhougen , Marketing Communication Manager, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry
Annett Thøgersen , Research Scientist, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry (Maternity leave)
Magnus Skinlo Thomassen , Senior Research CScientist, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry (Deputy Member)

Management SINTEF Materials and Chemistry:
Eli Aamot , Executive Vice President
Jack Arild Ødegård , Vice President, Research
Duncan Akporiaye , Vice President, Research
Marit Elin Johnsen , Financial Manager 
Sissel Løberg , Institute Coordinator
Karen Ingeborg Asbøll , HR manager 
Jon Olav Bjørgum , Quality- and Security Manager
Rune Bredesen , Vice President Research
Nina Dahl , Vice President Research
Trond Erling Ellingsen , Vice President Research
Cornelis Spooren , Vice President Research

Key figures

Key figures SINTEF Materials and Chemistry 2016 (financial 2015)
Key figures SINTEF Materials and Chemistry 2016 (financial 2015)


Contact info

SINTEF Materials and Chemistry has facilities in Trondheim and Oslo, Norway.
switchboard: 40003730, e-mail

Postal address, Trondheim
SINTEF Materials and Chemistry
P.O.Box 4760 Torgarden, NO-7465 Trondheim, Norway

Executive Vice President
Eli Aamot

Administrative Coordinator
Sissel Løberg

Postal address, Oslo
SINTEF Materials and Chemistry
P.O.Box 124 Blindern, NO-0314 Oslo, Norway

Administrative Coordinator
Isabelle Marthinsen