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Hydropower is by far the main source of electricity production in Norway today and will remain so in the future. SINTEF has extensive research expertise in hydropower.

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Decision support in energy and environmental management

The management of water and energy resources is practised by public authorities at municipal, regional and national levels. In special cases, clarification may be required in addition to what is usually needed in more normal management processes. There may be a need for the assistance of experts with special qualifications with regard to a certain method or issue, or with experience from the water system in question.

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Electrical insulation systems and electrical insulation materials

High reliability of the electrical insulation system is of key importance to any high voltage apparatus. The effect of many parameters/mechanisms needs to be carefully assessed when designing electrical insulation systems. In particular the effect of humidity, temperature, pollution/contaminants, mechanical and electrical stress, and external pressure need to be assessed in order to assure high reliability of the insulation system.

Research Scientist
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Energy markets

Power systems and power markets in continental Europe are undergoing rapid growth. Nordic market players and system operators are currently facing key investment decisions linked to opportunities for enhanced flexibility in the production system (power output expansion and pumping) and an increase in the number of transmission cables serving Europe.

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Fish ladders

Fish ladders are constructed to enable fish to swim upstream past migration barriers. Such barriers may be natural or artificial and the aim is to provide the fish with access to areas which are important for their population development. It is important to understand the ecological challenges faced by the fish species in question as well as the technical systems which are relevant at an individual location. In regulated water systems it is also crucial to have knowledge of power station operation and of the challenges fish encounter when migrating downstream again past power station intakes and dams.

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Hydrogen technology and energy storage

Hydrogen will be an important supplement to electricity as an energy carrier in future sustainable energy systems. In addition to being fuel for the transport sector, hydrogen will contribute to increased utilization of renewable energy sources. The need for energy storage will increase dramatically, and hydrogen will be the preferred option for large amounts of energy, and storage over longer periods.

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Multi-market planning

The spot market is by far the largest market for the physical supply of electrical power. The spot market is a day-ahead market, but there are also markets that trade on an intra-day basis for the supply of reserves and balancing power, and for trading in bilateral contracts. The intention is that, within the electrical power system, trading in all these markets shall be linked together as part of the same production and transmission system. This requires multi-market planning.

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