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Publications by Carlin Mats Stefan

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Source: Nordic workshop for mechanical issues for silicon wafers and cells, Rosenholm, nov 25 - nov 25
Type: Presentation
Source: Nordic Workshop-Waste resource management and climate actions, Fredrikstad, jun 10 - jun 10
Type: Presentation
Source: MEMSWAVE 2008 RF-MST Workshop, Heraklion, Kreta, jun 30 - jun 30
Type: Presentation
Huseby Ragnar Bang, Milvang Otto, Solberg Anne H. Schistad, Weisteen Katrine, Madsen Rune Asgeir, Kavli Tom, Carlin Mats
Source: (NR-notat; BILD/01/93)
Type: Report
Kavli Tom, Carlin Mats, Madsen Rune
Source: Ukjent .
Type: Journal article
Source: Neuro-Nîmes 92 : Fifth International Conference Neural Networks & their Applications, nov 02 - nov 06
Type: Presentation
Madsen Rune Asgeir, Lundervold Arvid, Huseby Ragnar Bang, Milvang Otto, Weisteen Katrine, Carlin Mats, Kavli Tom
Source: (NR-notat; BILD/10/92)
Type: Report