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SINTEF wishes to contribute to sustainable industrial development and exploitation of the marine environment that takes care of marine life, marine resources and food safety.

We deal with environmental challenges in the oil and gas, aquaculture and land-based industries to find solutions to the environmental challenges the industries are facing. Our conceptual and scientific expertise is related to spreading, effects and monitoring of contaminants in the marine environment.

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Clean water research

Based on multi-disciplinary terms of scientists, engineering and business developers, we provide new and improved insight into water related challenges. SINTEF support both industries and municipalities with need for management, solutions, innovations and documentation. Our projects cover all aspects of the water chain, from water sourcing to final treatment for reuse and discharges, and potentially extraction of valuables in the reject stream.

Senior Business Developer
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Environmental Biotechnology and Microbiology

Microbial bioprocesses is an important research area at SINTEF Materials and Chemistry. Department of Biotechnology and Nanomedicine has for the last ten years worked with microbial processes related to environmental technology. Examples are conversion of various types of feedstock to biofuel and platform chemicals, expertise within degradation of crude oil and other unwanted and recalcitrant chemicals in nature and bioreactors, and microfouling/biofilm formation on various surfaces from water systems to ship hulls.

Research Scientist
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Mass spectrometry and separation science in Biotechnology

Biological and biotechnological systems are often very complex, containing a large number (hundreds to thousands) of distinct chemical compounds. The use of mass spectrometry (MS) coupled to chromatographic separation (GC, LC, IC, FFF) allows for sensitive and robust quantification (ng/ml and below) of one or several selected compounds. This can be done even when the compound(s) of interest is present at very low concentration and in complex mixtures with closely related molecules. No other analytical technique can provide the same combination of sensitivity, selectivity and specificity for biological systems.

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