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Advanced materials characterization and modeling

Our ability to develop improved or new materials and processes relies to a large extent on the experimental and theoretical research tools that are available. These tools are necessary in order to describe and understand the relationship between the structure and composition of a material, its processing parameters and its properties. They are also often used to understand why materials degrade and/or fail in service.

Research Manager
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SINTEF offers expertise along the entire value chain from primary production to product development and performance. As a result of its low weight, outstanding corrosion properties and excellent mechanical properties, aluminium is one of the most important construction materials in the world.

Vice President
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SINTEF is performing research on the whole battery value chain, from development of new materials for existing batteries and new battery systems to evaluation of performance and lifetime of commercial batteries for various applications. Other electrochemical energy storage systems such as supercapacitors and redox flow batteries are also areas of research.

Senior Research Scientist
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Catalysis is involved in 85-90 % of all chemicals production. SINTEF has extensive experience within both homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis. Our projects are often directed towards understanding the operation of the catalyst and the interplay between the catalyst and its process. We work closely with partners in academia and Norwegian and international industry.

Vice President Research
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Electrical insulation systems and electrical insulation materials

High reliability of the electrical insulation system is of key importance to any high voltage apparatus. The effect of many parameters/mechanisms needs to be carefully assessed when designing electrical insulation systems. In particular the effect of humidity, temperature, pollution/contaminants, mechanical and electrical stress, and external pressure need to be assessed in order to assure high reliability of the insulation system.

Research Scientist
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Hydrogen technology and energy storage

Hydrogen will be an important supplement to electricity as an energy carrier in future sustainable energy systems. In addition to being fuel for the transport sector, hydrogen will contribute to increased utilization of renewable energy sources. The need for energy storage will increase dramatically, and hydrogen will be the preferred option for large amounts of energy, and storage over longer periods.

Vice President - Marketing
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In SmartWear teams SINTEF researchers within ICT, materials science, physiology and product work across the boundaries between their respective disciplines to develop products with new functionalities and features. Smart Wear is intelligent textiles and clothing with built-in technology.

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Subsea - Offshore Power Supply

The costs for repair and maintenance of high voltage equipment installed in deep waters can be very high. Therefore, high operating reliability is crucial for the components placed at the seabed. At high hydrostatic pressures, water ingress is the most challenging for the electrical insulations systems and materials used in power supply components. Due to environmental issues the equipment positioned at remote distances from land must be supplied by using subsea power cables. In many cases this calls for developments of new technologies, such as pressure compensated high voltage components.

Senior Research Scientist
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A power transformer is a complex apparatus with windings, core, tap-changer, bushings etc., designed and manufactured for many years of operation in a power system. SINTEF has know-how and runs projects in the transformer technology field; spanning from development and testing of materials for manufacturers, ageing performance, condition monitoring and life estimation, to analysis of interaction between power systems and transformers. A big challenge for the utilities is asset management of ageing transformer fleets.

Chief Scientist
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