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Gemini Center - Marine Structural Engineering

Published November 2, 2007

The Gemini Centre Marine Structural Engineering was appointed in November 2003. The partners are the Marine Structures Group at Department of Marine Technology, NTNU, and Department of Structural Engineering, MARINTEK.

The Centre is located at Marine Technology Centre, Tyholt.  The two partners have been co-operating closely since SINTEF Dept. of Structural Engineering was established in 1971.

The Marine Structures Laboratory

The Marine Structures Laboratory is defined as a joint laboratory for the two units.  A joint organisation is established for operation, maintenance and development of facilities, and for project work. 

More information about the Marine Structures Laboratory

Scientific Profile

The scientific profile of the centre is development of theory, methods and computational tools for structural analysis, design and operation of marine structures, i.e. ships, floating and fixed offshore structures, pipelines, risers, umbilicals etc. 

The disciplines

  • Materials technology (deterioration mechanisms, damage mechanics)
  •  Structural mechanics (applications of the finite element method, analysis of complex cross sections)
  •  Structural dynamics (slender structures, non-linear problems)


  • Ship structures and offshore platforms
  • Steel and titanium risers
  •  Flexible risers and umbilicals
  • Accidental loading of structures (collision, grounding, fire, explosions)


The NTNU group consists of five professors and four technicians.  The MARINTEK department has 16 scientists, most of whom have a PhD degree.

The activities of the centre include basic and applied research, commissioned work and teaching, with extensive exchange of services between the partners.


A major part of the co-operation is work on research projects that are initiated and carried out jointly by the two partners.  Independent of the contractual responsibility, project leader and/or scientists may come from either partner.  Below is a list of the most significant projects that have been active through the last few years:

  • Design, Installation and Operation of Deepwater Pipelines - DEEPLINE (2003 - 2007)
    Strategic program funded by the Norwegian Research Council, two PhD-candidates.

  • Corrosion fatigue of flexible risers (2001 - 2008)
    Multiclient project with participation from four oil companies, one operator and three suppliers.  In 2006 a Phase III was agreed to run through 2008.

  • InMare (2004-2007)
    European Union 6th Framework Program, thematic network - ship operations.

  • Decision Support Systems for Ships in Degraded Condition (2004-2007)
    European Union 6th Framework Program.

  • Scenariobased Risk Analysis of Collisions and Groundings (2005-2010)
    Strategic university program funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

  • Materials and Structural Integrity (MATSINT) (2007-1010)
    Strategisk university program funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

In addition to the long term research programs a large number of commissioned projects are carried out, mainly in the laboratory.  MARINTEK is in most cases contractually responsible for these projects, but both institutions are represented in the project organisations.