• Shaping shipping

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  • Enduring the ocean

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  • Catching the breeze

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  • Technology development
    through testing and verification

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  •                          75 years of technology development
                             through research, testing and verification


The Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute (MARINTEK) performs research and development for companies in the field of marine technology. MARINTEK is a company in SINTEF, the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia, and develops and verifies technological solutions, business and operating concepts for the shipping, marine equipment, ocean energy and petroleum industries.


One of the irregular wave tests under a steep ringing-type load event.

De-risking of monopile support structures for the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm

The Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm Project, located in the North Sea 32 km off the Norfolk coast of England, proposed the use of large turbines (6 MW) in relatively deep water ... Read more


More efficient marine operations

More efficient marine operations

25.01.2016 The Research Council of Norway has awarded MARINTEK NOK 5.5 million to participate in a research project that aims to develop decision-making simulation software for marine ... Read more

  • Focus on reduced emissions

    30.11.2015 The shipping companies that are contributing to the Smart Maritime SFI have great hopes of this major research effort: they are anticipating solutions that will lead to reduced emissions from vessels. Read more

  • MARINTEK takes part in NRKs live event

    27.10.2015 650,000 listeners followed MARINTEK's participation in "The Office Games" on NRK's programme "Norgesglasset". Erin Elizabeth Bachynski and Arnt Christian Wolden, the fastest competitors from our staff, put in an impressive performance in the "60 ... Read more