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Software Process Improvement and Knowledge Management

Software Process Improvement and Knowledge Management

Chief Scientist
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Faster, better and cheaper are challenges that IT-companies face every day. The customer's expectations shall be met in a world where constant change in environment, organization and technology are the rule rather that the exception. A solution for meeting these challenges is to share knowledge and experience - use the company's own experience, and the experience of other companies. This may seem self-evident, but experience shows that a lot of people struggle to get started.

We have considerable experience through many years working with process improvement and knowledge management. We collaborate both with universities in Norway and abroad, public sector, and industry. The focus of these projects has

been empirical studies of process improvement, organizational learning, and
knowledge management in ICT organizations. The information and dissemination of results from our projects are in the form of numerous books, journal articles, and conference proceedings. Our researech areas are: