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SINTEF has through knowledge and innovation contributed to a Norwegian metallurgic process industry as the cleanest and most energy-efficient in the world.

Our research covers the entire value chain, from extraction of minerals from the crust of the earth, through production of metals and materials, to properties and utilization of materials and end-products, recycling included.



SINTEF offers expertise along the entire value chain from primary production to product development and performance. As a result of its low weight, outstanding corrosion properties and excellent mechanical properties, aluminium is one of the most important construction materials in the world.

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Chemical engineering unit operations and process plants

At SINTEF we work with the development of new chemical processes, separation sequences, process intensification and optimization of unit operations and complete plants. The activities span from the analysis of chemical properties and building of bench scale testing equipment to the design and commissioning of large scale pilot plants. Process modelling and simulation are integral activities of this work.

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Production of Ferroalloys (i.e. Ferrosilicon/Silicon- and Ferromanganese) is a strong and significant land-based industry in Norway. The results from the cooperation between the industry and academia (SINTEF/NTNU) in Norway are basic knowledge regarding thermodynamics- and kinetic-data as well as reaction mechanisms within core processes and environmental issues.

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We have expertise in metal properties, design, processing and applications. We work with all sorts of metal, and especially with aluminum, steel and copper alloys. We focus on material and refining processes which are developed and adapted to achieve the desired product properties.

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Process modelling

Process modelling at SINTEF is based on advanced mathematical modeling and simulation tools combined with our well-equipped laboratories and experimental facilities. Our research stretches from understanding and modeling of multiphase systems, material mechanics, manufacturing processes, to process design and optimization and industrial implementation.

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Pyrolysis of biomass has grown significantly as a research area the last decade. SINTEF carries out basic and applied research within pyrolysis of biomass for increased process understanding and production of upgraded fuels. We work together with both national and international industry and research partners to develop and improve value chains with pyrolysis oil or biocarbon (charcoal) as the main end product.

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When light interacts with matter the interaction is different for different wavelengths, reflecting the physical (e.g. the electronic or structural) properties of the material. Measurement of the spectral response – spectroscopy – can thus be used to map out material properties. Such measurements are useful for a large range of industrial applications.

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