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Geothermal energy systems

Geothermal energy systems cover systems for both shallow and deep geothermal wells. Shallow geothermal boreholes, 50 - 200 m, are used as heat source or sink for heat pumping systems. Deep geothermal wells, typically 1-10 km, can retrieve heat with higher temperature. Heat with high temperature can be utilised directly, e.g. for district heating, or as a heat as source for running a heat-to-power cycle.

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Status inspection of power lines

Power lines represent approx. half of the new value investment within the power distribution grid. In high voltage distribution grids and master grids, power line failures represent by far the major cause of losses and costs. The challenge for the power distributor is to adopt methods which are able at an early stage to identify potential threats in the form of reduced capacity and lifetimes, and to exploit the opportunities for timely initiatives, investments and knowledge application.

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