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Bioheat and biopower

Bioheat and biopower

SINTEF carries out basic and applied research within conversion of biomass to heat and power, and offers project based research and development for the industry within the whole biomass heat and power area.

We work within these areas:

  • characterisation of biomass fuels
  • testing of biomass fuel properties in thermochemical processes for production of heat and power
  • fuel upgrading
  • basic and applied laboratory studies
  • technology development
  • research contributions to product development
  • measurement campaigns at bioenergy plants
  • model development
  • modelling of bioenergy plants
  • optimisation of bioenergy plants
  • energy efficiency
  • emission minimisation
  • techno-economic studies

Why choose SINTEF?

We have competence and experience, copability and quality, laboratory facilities, modelling tools, national and international industry-, research- and public sector networks. 

Our mission is within:

Norwegian and international industry and public sector.

Chief Scientist


Michaël Becidan

Senior Research Scientist
Michaël Becidan
Senior Research Scientist
454 34 084
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