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Eirik Svendsen

Research Scientist

Eirik Svendsen

Research Scientist

Eirik Svendsen
Phone: 917 93 106
Mobile: 917 93 106
Department: Aquaculture Technology
Office: Trondheim

Publications and responsibilities



OMAE2017-62030 Drag on Nets Fouled With Blue Mussel (Mytilus Edulis) and Sugar Kelp (Saccharina Latissima) and Parameterization of Fouling

Biofouling is a serious problem in marine finfish aquaculture with a number of negative impacts. Marine growth obstructs net openings, thereby reducing water exchange through the net and affecting fish welfare and health, as well as the spreading of dissolved nutrients, particles and pathogens. Furt...

Authors Gansel Lars Christian Endresen Per Christian Steinhovden Kristine Dahle Stine Veronica Wiborg Svendsen Eirik Forbord Silje Jensen Østen
Year 2017
Type Part of a book/report

Autonomous Job Analysis: A Method for Design of Autonomous Marine Operations

Increased use of autonomy is considered crucial for continued growth in maritime industries like oil- and gas, waterborne transport, and fisheries- and aquaculture. This article presents a method called Autonomous Job Analysis (AJA), which purpose is to guide the design of autonomous marine operatio...

Year 2015
Type Journal publication
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