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Ulf Gøran Erikson

Senior Research Scientist

Ulf Gøran Erikson

Senior Research Scientist

Ulf Gøran Erikson
Phone: 982 45 031
Mobile: 982 45 031
Department: Processing Technology
Office: Trondheim

Publications and responsibilities



Effects of type and concentration of salts on physicochemical properties in fish mince

Cooked minces made from both fresh and frozen haddock with NaCl, KCl, or MgCl2 at concentrations from 0.07 to 0.34 mol/kg fish mince were prepared and analysed for physicochemical properties. The properties of the minces varied both with the type and amount of added salt. Minces added the same molar...

Year 2015
Type Journal article

Low salt products. Final report

Salt (NaCl) is the world’s most established food additive, because of its excellent preservative effects, the sensorial properties and the increased food processability. In the European countries, 75-80% of salt we consume is hidden in processed foods. The Low salt products project had comprehensive...

Authors Aursand Ida Grong Greiff Kirsti Erikson Ulf Gøran Gallart-Jornet Lorena Nebojsa Perisic Achim Kohler Afseth Nils Ofstad Ragni Storrø Ivar Josefsen Kjell Domaas
Year 2014
Type Report

Workshop in Trondheim and excursions to the Norwegian seafood industri and NTNU

During the SeaMed project we have arranged workshops and visited seafood industry in Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo and Bosnia & Herzegovina. In October 2014, the whole consortium visited Trondheim. The three-day workshop included excursions to the Norwegian seafood industry and NTNU. The final res...

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